Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rårörd saft - Strawberry Saft (Juice)

6 l bär (6 Liters Strawberries)

30 g vinsyra (30 grams Cream of Tartar or Tartaric Acid)

4 l vatten (4 Liters water)


Tvätta bären snoppa jordgubbarna, strö över vinsyran och häll det kokta vattnet över. (Boil the water. Wash the berries. Take the tops off the strawberries. Sprinkle the cream of tartar over the barries, poor in boiling water).

Låt stå över natten. (Let sit over night)

Sila saften, och mät upp mängden. Lika mycket socker som saftens vikt. (Strain the juice off the berries. Add as much sugar as the juice weighs).

1 l saft väger ca 925 g (1 Liter of juice weighs approximately 925 grams)

Rör saft och socker tills sockret är löst, ca 1 tim. (Stir the juice and the sugar until the sugar dissolves -- approximately 1 hour).

Frys in saften. (Freeze the strawberry juice).

***** English conversions and note below added by Brittany***

One of the great foodie things about Sweden is the saft (homemade juice). If you've been to IKEA, you've probably tried their lingonberry saft. My favorite type of saft is the strawberry saft that Carin makes. Although you can make this saft with any type of berry or fruit, the English translations that I've added Carin's recipes specify strawberries.

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